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IntelliLeaf ltd is a "data company" with ten years of experience in data standards, ontologies, terminologies and data integration.

We specialize in Semantic technologies, Semantic Web, Linked Data and NoSQL solutions.

We offer consultancy services to evaluate the feasibility and the impact of introducing semantic technologies in technical and scientific environments. We address the technological aspect but also the business aspect of using Semantic Web technologies in a working environment. This includes learning and training aspects and building use cases and prottotypes to evaluate the return on investement of the adoption of semantic technologies in the existing information systems, services and business processes. Decision makers on the operation, tactical and strategic IT management level need to understand the impact of this new technological approach and its trade-offs.

We provide expert advice to organizations who know that Linked Data and the Semantic Web are the next big thing, but are not sure how to get started. We help customers navigate the meanders and shades of implementing a successful project. We also provide expert services to help customers take the first steps to publishing their linked data though scalable easy to use semantic infrastructures.

We have a significant expertise in the application of semantic technologies in biomedical sciences and informatics, as well as in the management of reference data and terminologies for technical domains. Some of our projects include knowledge management systems for biomedical research (dc-research), scientific information systems. We also have contributed to several open source projects.

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How we can help you:

  • Understand what the Semantic Web will mean for your Organisatione
  • Develop proof of concepts and ideas for your business
  • Create a Linked Data strategy
  • Understand what is required to convert your data into RDF format



Whether you’re just starting out in the world of Semantic Web, or are senior researchers or technical teams, we can help improve your skills so you get the most out of your data and technology. We organize Workshops, Tutorials and Hackathons.



  • We can build semantic solutions to provide an integrated view of your distributed data
  • We can enrich your data via public and open resources and reference data
  • We help in defining your data strategy
  • We do data cleaning, development of terminologies, taxonomies and ontologies for your domain and bio-domain



If you need help putting a Semantic Web/Linked Data system into practice, we’ll work with you to support the creation of effective data solutions, providing a refined user experience for your organisation and its audience.​

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Try our service with your data. For 299 gbp, we'll model your sample data in RDF, connect it to public data set and terminologies, and work with you on a few test queries. How does this work?

Sample Data

Your data

You send us some sample data (extracts from 1-2 tables, excel files, XML).


We review and model it

An expert from our side will analyse it and get in touch with you to discuss how to model and link it to external resources. We'll define some reference query as well

Yu use it!

You use it!

You'll have a working prototype where you can query across your data and public resources

You will have a demo you can use to evaluate if these technologies are for you or not. Contact us to start!

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We are currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

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  • intelliLeaf ltd.
  • Our primary locations are London and Cambridge, UK.
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  • Or you can meet us in London or Cambridge (UK). We fly around.